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  • Suzanne Norton Davis

Evolutionary Thoughts.....

I started Coastal Business Evolution 16 months ago to help other businesses grow. We are now in month five or is it six of a pandemic. What I envisioned 16 months ago was quite different than the reality of what CBE is becoming. Like almost all small business owners, I have had to change course a few times. With each change, I have learned something new, discovered additional ways to grow my business and to help other small businesses and sole proprietors. Most importantly, I am determined to keep learning, continue to make new connections and to keep forging forward.

How we all do business is going to continue to evolve, to change and the only thing that is certain is that the "next normal" isn't going to look like the old normal. Your business may be in one of those categories where new business development seems painfully slow or non-existent right now. Or you might be booming and you're struggling to keep up. We have all had to conform to new norms regarding face to face interactions and even how closely we work. Will we ever shake hands again? We have had to adopt strategies to keep our coworkers and customers safe. Are we effectively communicating those changes? How do we find time for marketing and communication with our client base amid the changing pressures of simply doing business?

So many changes and they are bound to keep coming for quite a while. It's hard for our hands chapped from sanitizer to keep up, let alone our brains. I am going to use this blog to inform you on things that I discover along the way that are helpful to you on this ever changing journey. I'll even throw in a few tidbits to inspire you to continue to move forward. Let's evolve and get to the other side of this together.

Like the baby sea turtle, sometimes it feels like we still have a long long way to go because this pandemic path certainly isn't smooth. We might not be swimming in a sea or success as we had imagined it. I'm here to help. I am providing free consultations on how to move forward, communicate effectively with your clients or prospects, how to adapt to the ever changing normal and even how to save on your operating costs. Reach out to me at or at 561-635-8075.

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