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Our goal is to be a resource and a support to your business! As a small to medium sized local business, you are busy running your business. Day to day operations leave little time for building your business or exploring ways to cut costs to increase your bottom line. There seems to be a million different ways to promote, market and advertise your business and the choices seem to change daily. When it comes to saving on operating costs, do you know some of the fastest ways to do that? There aren't enough hours in the day to research and sift through the confusing quagmire of options in marketing, sales and operational expense cutting!

That is where Coastal Business Evolution comes in! We know that no matter how many options are out there, none of them are good unless they work for your business. We go through a needs analysis process that all allows us to understand you and your business's unique needs, We form a strategic plan and make recommendations to increase your business. We also have partnerships and strategies to reduce your expenses and protect your bottom line.

The pace of how we have to do business has evolved dramatically. At Coastal Business Evolution we have the skills, the tools and the partnerships to to stay ahead of that pace.





Business development means growing your business. We help you  do that in a number of ways. From assisting with you branding, researching leads, to hiring, training, coaching and mentoring your sales team. No sales team yet? No worries we have many creative solutions that include prospect screening and assisting you in closing your top leads!


It has always been true that working together, we can accomplish so much more. That has never been more true than it is in today's bustling business climate. We create strategic partnerships for you business resulting in cross promotions that expand your message, your reach and your sales exponentially. 


How do people view your business? Do you have a consistent identity? Does your website, social platforms and sales materials represent a consistent brand? Let us help! We can develop the right creative for your brand including web content, print collateral, social posts, seed emails, you name it, we can create it!


Confused and spending too much time on payroll? We partner with a complete payroll service. Direct deposit for all of your employees and online access to all payroll info. Monthly, quarterly and annual tax filings, We will even handle any deductions or ganishings. Full service payroll saving you time and money!


We help you to determine the best way to capture the attention of your best customer!. We define the proper mix and execute everything that is needed to get your message to them. We happily handle your email marketing, social media, digital advertising and also place your "traditional media" such as print, tv and radio.


Sick of traditional credit card fees? We  partner with an innovative processing company that can eliminate them!You pay a total of $45 a month. Enjoy next day funding, 24/7 customer service, technical support, terminal warranty, free legal support, and a robust merchant portal that is ethernet or wifit compatible. 



Coastal Business Evolution came to be from a combination of a strong desire to help small to medium size businesses grow, an entrepreneurial spirit and a work history that consisted of many roles and diverse clientele. Coastal Business Evolution came to be when Suzanne Norton Davis realized that leaving corporate America opened up her options rather than limiting them. All of that time spend in corporate America provided her with a wealth of knowledge, varied skills and tremendous loyal contacts in the local community. 

A resident of Jupiter, Florida for over 35 years, her roots, heart and soul are tied to Palm Beach and Martin Counties. With a degree in Social Psychology, she understands how we humans interact within our roles and society at large. That understanding is the origin of her consultative approach and genuine interest in her clients and business partners. It began with a mix that included a long history of working in and for non-profit organizations, advertising sales, sales management, creative copywriting, sales coaching and mentoring and eventually evolved into a full time business. Because of her vast experience, several local companies approached her to help increase their bottom line.

Suzanne's specialty is understanding your business and then helping you to close more business to enjoy increased revenue. She is also adept at forming strategic partnerships between small businesses resulting in mutually beneficial marketing, branding and growth.




Coastal Business Evolution is a finely tuned combination of clients and strategic partnerships that result in a multitude of options to help your business grow and thrive!


We can't wait to hear from you!


Phone or Text:   561-635-8075

Coastal Business Evolution is located in Jupiter, Florida and provides services in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast!


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