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We're About

We are all about the clients we work with, and we have a straightforward purpose: to support you and your business to help you grow your business! You are busy running your business as a small to medium-sized local business. Day-to-day operations leave little time for figuring out what you need to promote and grow your business!

We know there aren't enough hours in the day, and we always get questions like this: How do I increase sales? Do you need a sales team? How do I train those salespeople? What type of sales materials do I need? What about advertising? Do I go all digital? Traditional advertising? What is SEO? Can I effectively reach my customers online? Do I have to write content for my website? Should I use email? How do I write an email that my customers will open? How do I keep up with social media? Where can I purchase promotional products in small quantities? We've got you! No need to worry!

We can answer all these questions, explain what needs to be done, and develop a cost-effective plan that meets all your goals or attack a specific pressing need. It's all about the right content and choosing the right ways to promote your business to your target audience. From total website development to content creation, marketing, sales materials, social media, traditional media, and promotional materials, we know how to reach and speak to the people who want and need your products or services.

The path to helping your business evolve to the next level is pretty simple. It starts with a straightforward contact us, we meet with you, and ask questions about your business, what you are trying to do, and what success would look like to you. We then develop a plan and a price that fits your needs and budget. It really is that simple!


We Do


Business decelopment is simply a plan to increase sales.  Utilzing the services in this seciton may be enough! But if your business requires face to face selling we can help! We develop on brand sales marteials, promitional materials and sales training programs for your sales team. we also implement  lead genration and tracking systems. If your business isn't big enough to a sale team, we work with you one-on-one to become your own top producer.


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, Pinterest, YouTube, TIkTok. So many social media platforms,  so little time. We've got good news...depending upon who your target audiences is, you might not need to be on all of them. We choose the right place to reach your potential clients and develop the right messages to communicate effectively in those spaces.

Content creation is all about telling the story of your business in a way that captures the attention of your ideal customer! Capturing their attention is the first step in the sales cycle that ends with them purchasing or doing buisness with you. Content that converts into customers can be on your website, in blog posts, social media, email marketing, text messaging, sales and promotional materials or all of the above! 


If you're just starting out, we can make that process a lot easier! I haven't even really started. I don't know where to begin! How do I start? What do I call it? I don't even have a logo or a website. Tell us what you are thinkiing we'll get you there from concept to full execution. Name, logo, website, and all that goes with it. We have a team of talent people that we call on to make your business dreams reality!

Collecting your customer or potential customers email addresses is the frist step in  email marketing campaigns. Sometimes it is as simple as asking, other times, it take a bit more creativity to get the addresses. We help you to build your email lists and we craft  create compelling email markeing campaigns. Emails that that create first time buyers or engage and inform you loyal customer base. 


TV, Radio, Direct Mail , billboards, magazines, newspapers-these are just a few examples of what we call traditional media. If you've got the budget for these items. they are all great ways to enhance all of your digital efforts, Do you need any or all of them? Again it depends upon your target client and we partner with a full service agency that has graphic artists and traditional media specialists.

Gets it Done

My early attempts as a small business owner were challenging! There was a lot to learn, and I no longer had an assistant to do the work for me. Those attempts, however, provided me with an education on what it really takes to get started with a nearly nonexistent budget! I understand what small businesses go through! As a result, Coastal Business Evolution and I have definitely "evolved." I took my skills to a whole new level and earned a certificate in digital marketing. I sharpened my skills in creating compelling content, comprehensive campaigns, graphic design, and developing cost-effective solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. I know that no matter what your budget is, I can help you move the needle to obtain new customers or make new sales. I can even teach clients the most economical ways to do it for themselves. For businesses that need extensive campaigns and assistance, I have formed partnerships and now have a team of people who help to tackle any marketing need that you may have.'


As a resident of Jupiter, Florida, for over 35 years, my targeted service area is Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast. If your business is outside of that service area, I can refer you to an excellent partner agency. The most important thing to know if you are a small to medium-sized business, you don't have to go it alone.


Call 561-635-8075 or email today.

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