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Marketing & Business Development Services to Help Your Business Evolve to the Next Level


We're About

We are all about the clients we work with and we have one simple purpose, it is to be a support you and your business to help you to grow your business! As a small to medium sized local business, you are busy running your business. Day to day operations leave little time for figuring out  what you need to actually promote and grow your business!

We know there aren't enough hours in the day, and we get questions like this all the time: How do I increase sales? Do you need a sales team? How do I train that sales people? What type of sales materials do I need? What about advertising? Do I go all digital? Traditional advertising? What is SEO? Can I effectively reach my customers online? Do I have to write content for my website? What the heck is content? Should I use email? How do I write an email that my customers will actually open? How do I keep up with social media? We've got you! No need to worry!

We can answer all of these questions for you, explain what needs to be done and teach you how to handle it all yourself. Or better yet, we can answer the questions and DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU! Develop your sales materials? Develop sales team training materials? Train your sales team? No problem! We'll even set goals and hold them accountable if you'd like.


All those other questions are about marketing your business. No worries! We're marketing pros. It's all about the right content and choosing the right ways to promote your business to your target audience. We love to dissect and define what type of people will make you the most money and then develop the messages and the methods to get their attention. From your website content, to email marketing, social media and even traditional marketing, we know all the ways to speak to the people who want your products as services. Again, we can teach you what you need to know and provide you with ongoing advice on how to get it done, or you know--WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU!!!

The path to helping your business to evolve to the next level is pretty simple. It starts with one simple contact us, we respond, we meet with you and ask a whole bunch of questions about your business and what you are trying to do and what success would look like to you. We then come up with a plan and a price that fits your needs and budget. Remember--we have options-we consult and teach or we do. Either way, we become business development and marketing partners with your business.  See that? It's really not that scary at all. You might even have fun! We are here to help and we love what we do!


We Do


Business development is a fancy way to say increase your sales. Some of our other services listed on this page may be enough to do that for you. But if you're the type of business that needs boots on the street making sales happen-well  that's a specialty of ours. We develop your sales and sales training materials, train your staff and even qualify leads. Not big enough for a sales staff--we'll help you to become your own top sales producer. Sales skills are simply people skills!


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube...oh my! So many social media platforms, so may ways to communicate, so little time. We've got good news...depending upon who your target audiences is, you might not need to be on all of them. We choose the right place to reach your potential clients and develop the right messages to communicate effectively in those spaces.


Content creation is just an elegant way to say we tell your story to your target customers so that they hear what you are saying, want to know more about what you are saying and ultimately love what you are all about to do business with you. Content can be on your website, in blog posts, social media, email marketing, text messages and if you're really ambitious all of these options. We are all about talking about your business in places where people listen.


So if you're saying, I don't need any of these services YET because I haven't even really started. I don't know where to begin! How do I start? What do I call it? I don't even have a logo or a website. Back to that needs assessment. Tell us what you want, we'll get you there from concept to full execution. Name, logo, website, and all that goes with it. We have a team of talent people that we call on to make business dreams reality!


We're sure you collect your clients email addresses? Yes? Good job! Do you stay in contact with them via email? Send newsletters? Tell them about your business regularly? NO? Shame on you. Email is a great way to communicate and connect with customers. We can build email marketing campaigns is almost any service you choose to use, or suggest one for you. You don't have client emails yet? Shame on you-we'll help you develop that list!


TV, Radio, Direct Mail , billboards, magazines, newspapers-these are just a few examples of what we call traditional media. If you've got the budget for these items. they are all great ways to enhance all of your digital efforts, Do you need any or all of them? Again it depends upon your target client and we partner with a full service agency that has graphic artists and traditional media specialists.

Gets it Done

Who gets the job done for your business? Another small business owner that knows what it's like to try to do it all! After years as a sales and advertising manager for a major media company, I knew it was time for a change. Through those years I worked with HUNDREDS of businesses from small local businesses to some large corporate accounts. I created advertising and branding campaigns, promotions and led a top performing sales team for a major media company. While I loved what I did and I am extremely grateful for the experience, the knowledge and the connections that I formed over all of those years, I knew it was time for a change. I knew that my passion and purpose really was elsewhere.

You see, all of those years it was the small to medium sized business owners that I wanted to help the most, but simple economics meant that what we did was simply not financially feasible for many of them. That combined with a 60 hour work week, a commute and having to get dressed up and wear make up every day helped me to make the leap and decide it was time to take all of that knowledge and those skills and do my own thing. 

Armed with an overwhelming desire to always help others, a love of writing, marketing advertising and sales, Coastal Business Evolution was born. I truly believe that it doesn't matter where you start with your business, if you have passion, commitment and determination, you'll be successful. It's not always easy, you might not have all the answers, you may fail a few times,  and you'll probably need some help. So let's make it happen. I'm here to help you and YOUR business. Plus I have some amazing partners from may days as an advertising executive that are on call to assist whenever needed. 


In addition to knowledge born from experience, I have  a degree in Social Psychology so I truly understands how humans interact and how to influence them. I also have a certification in digital marketing and I am a Constant Contact certified partner, but I am well versed in all email marketing platforms. After a consultation, together we determine what we need to accomplish to help your business to grow and evolve. Then we have choices, I teach you how to do it for yourself or I (and my team) do it for you. I help you and your business evolve to the next level.

As a resident of Jupiter, Florida for over 35 years, my targeted service area is Palm Beach and Martin Counties, but will also work with clients outside of that area or refer them to a partner agency.  It all starts with a call or an email from you.....


Coastal Business Evolution has proudly provided services to the following:

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We can't wait to hear from you!


Phone or Text:   561-635-8075

Coastal Business Evolution is located in Jupiter, Florida and provides services in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast!

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